Successful brands share a simple, universal, human ambition with all those they serve.  Once again CVS, the national retail pharmacy chain, beautifully demonstrates this strategic principle with a new ban of artificial trans fats from its own store branded foods. This comes a year and a half ahead of the FDA deadline of June 2018 for processed foods to be reformulated without artificial trans fats,.  

You may remember back in 2014 CVS, with over 9700 retail locations, renamed itself CVS Health. To underscore its dedication to helping people on their path to better health, they banned all tobacco products including cigarettes. CVS’s commitment to curbing tobacco use hasn’t wavered and in 2016 the company launched #BeTheFirst a $50 million initiative to foster the first tobacco-free generation.

The definition of a brand is intentional differentiation and CVS Health continues to do this as they remain dedicated to our shared mission of living healthier lives.